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Prevention Measures

OOver the years, the Law Firm has gained specific procedural and consultancy experience on the matter.

What are preventive measures?

The preventive measures are personal and patrimonial afflictive measures issued by the competent Judicial Authority – the Court for Prevention Measures, a specialized section present in each district criminal court. The preventive measures are divided into two legal types:
1. Personal prevention measures, in turn divided into:
a) measures applied by the Questore which only limit freedom of movement and not personal freedom: e.g. repatriation with obligatory deportation document, simple oral warning;
b) measures applied by the judicial authority, however, restrictive of personal freedom: special surveillance of simple public security, special surveillance of public security with prohibition of stay, special surveillance of public security with obligation to stay;
c) measures governed by special laws and applied by the administrative authorities: anti-violence measures in sporting events, measures applied in terms of persecution (art. 612 bis of the criminal code “stalking”) and domestic violence or reprimands, measures in the context of city security.
2. Patrimonial prevention measures are, on the other hand, seizure and confiscation, bail and real guarantees, judicial administration of personal assets, judicial administration of assets connected to economic activities, judicial control.

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