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Medical Negligence

T The firm boasts a long experience in the area of medical criminal liability, namely Medical Negligence.

Legal assistance for professionals

The firm provides legal protection to healthcare sector professionals in relation to allegations that might arise while performing their jobs. In order to understand under which circumstances healthcare professionals are liable for the patient death or injuries, it is necessary to make reference to Article 590 sexies, which has been recently introduced into The Criminal Code.
The firm lawyers are aware that medical liability gained its own place in the field of Criminal Law and that, therefore, it must be addressed bearing in mind an interdisciplinary methodological approach and keeping updated with the relevant reforms.
The firm maintains up-to-date knowledge of the following latest regulatory actions: Law No 189/2012, known as “Balduzzi” Law and Law No 24/2017, known as “Gelli Bianco” Law, which completely innovated the boundaries of Criminal Law concerning the healthcare sector.

A successful team

Furthermore, the firm relies on the support of widely experienced in Medical Negligence adjustors and legal assessors, who are in charge of evaluation and technical and scientific critical processing of material data relevant to the crime and its evidence.
This sinergy acquires a prominent role in the procedural dynamic for its great contribution of technical and scientific knowledge crucial to the preparation of a well-structured defence strategy.

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