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Personal injuries

Acquitted in abridged procedure.

Acquitted […] “because the fact does not exist” of the charge of threatening her father-in-law by saying to him, “I’ll kill you bastard, you and your family” (art. 612, paragraph 2, Criminal Code) and causing personal injury to his left shoulder by hitting him with the door of the car he was driving (articles 582; 585; 577, paragraph 2, Criminal Code).

The defense, having fortunately been able to make use of the CCTV images from the video intercom of the defendant’s home, valued the serious deficits in subjective credibility and reliability of the plaintiff’s accusatory statements.

The defense filed forensic phonic advice on the dialogues picked up by the video intercom, which ruled out the utterance of the threatening phrases by the defendant. The defense’s forensic medical advice then noted how the emergency room doctor had not observed and noted any objective signs of the alleged “sporting” contusion reported by the plaintiff; the ‘traumatic action of that type and magnitude could not have produced the type of injury reported by the plaintiff, who was therefore deemed unreliable also under that aspect.

Criminal Court of Rome, VIII Monocratic Section, Judgment of March 7, 2023, No. 50891/19 N.R., 7972/22 R.G. DIB..

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